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It’s the Let’s Be as Gross, Distasteful and Awful as Possible roundup


So apparently, and please note this is NOT limited to just one aspect of the fandom but it’s that aspect that I’m going to talk about and you are welcome to talk about the others. 

Apparently, Emily slept her way into the role she got. She’s a tw@t, she’s a c@nt and she hangs on to Norman for his fame even though the same say Norman should cling to Melissa for hers. 

Someone goes to her concert at WSC specifically to diss her and most likely it’s that same idiot that gets up at the Greene family panel Q&A to ask the dumbest question in history, which was completely leading and close ended in an attempt to pigeon hole Scott Wilson into saying that the Bethyl ship is something he doesn’t support. Fortunately, he shuts that shit down hardcore AND Lauren does as well at the end of the panel. Way to embarrass yourself there shippers…twice. In public and it’s on Youtube now for the world to see. 

The most recent atrocity takes the cake but before we get to that, the tried and true “age difference” BULLSHIT came up AGAIN. Two things, no matter how much you want to believe it, Daryl isn’t 45. Norman is. The ONLY person who’s EVER said Daryl’s age was reportedly Norman and he said 35. Insert snarky shipper comments about how old and crusty he looks. Remember, these are people who lose their shit if someone dares to say Melissa looks old. Done laughing? Okay good, prepare to be disgusted at the most depraved level but beware, it’s after the cut and has spoiler information. 

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That’s just how disgusting most of them are.

To All Hopeful Caryl Shippers:


FUN FACT: The now infamous ‘water jug’ scene, this wasn’t scripted, it was Norman who threw the carton by accident and they just kept it there because the writers thought it was funny, not a huge scheme to foreshadow any awkward romances between the pairing… least not yet. Blech, let’s hope not.



me: um, yes, hi, i have a serious pest problem. have you got any sprays or thingamabobs to get rid of them?

store clerk: sure, what kind of pests do you have?

me: bethyl haters.


can bethyl shippers stop? thanks

Mmm no.

Papa Greene Scott Wilson on if Hershel would support a romantic relationship between Beth and Daryl…answering a fan who stated that she wouldn’t. With some input from Big Sis Lauren. [x]

That’s the big ‘fuck you’ right there.


I don’t have any patience for stupid people. NO BETH WASN’T HOOKING UP WITH THAT PRICK, SHE WAS ALMOST RAPED!

People is getting fucking stupid lately.


to anyone who views that beth scene and says she’s hooking up with him, you’re a pathetic cunt for saying something about a sexual assault scene I think you need to go to the doctor and get some meds because you need help that is down right disgusting 

What the actual fuck?

Me with Emily Kinney
WSC ATL 2014

Me with Emily Kinney

WSC ATL 2014


Beth Greene fans right now:


Me, totally

“Plus, it’s a wall-to-wall love fest…except for the part that nobody cares about Beth except Daryl”

TV-Overmind on the group reuniting [X] (via truthinourhearts)

what are your thoughts on the caryl v bethyl mess? is caryl done bc bethyl is competiton?



How exactly is Bethyl in any way shape or form competition with Caryl? Last time I checked my OTP’s ship is sailing. Oh and there is the small fact that Bethyl has not one leg to stand on in my book.

I do not think we are watching the same show.