bethyl is taking over my life.
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This person is mourning the loss of Gabriel García Márquez, the Nobel Laureate and novelist.


Jimmy Page is the greatest guitar player of all times, and your argument against it is invalid. 

you and those stupid bethyl shippers look so stupid specially them calling you beautiful, and of course your colombian. colombia = cocaine, COCAINE can you spell it?



Okaay, why are you giving us so much importance in your life if you think we’re stupid.
I take “oh, you’re colombian” as a compliment, I’m really proud of where I come from. Colombia is on the top happiest countries in the world, (actually by the end of 2012, we were the happiest) because of reasons:
- we are the second most biodiverse country
- we are the “doors of the americas”
- Emeralds
- Best coffee in the world
- the clearest, most perfect spanish
- Salsa, because nobody dances salsa like we do in our “World’s Salsa Capital” city named Cali. You don’t need to speak spanish in that city, dance is the only language that matters
- Festivals, we have the world’s biggest theater festival, salsa festival, flower parade and second biggest carnival in the world
- of course, our icon within the Magic Realism “Gabo” or as most people know him: Gabriel García Márquez, the Nobel Laureate and novelist.

But what makes me so happy to be Colombian, is its people. You will not find anywhere else the kindest of the Colombian people. The reason why United States fails to be in this, is also because of its people. In Colombia, “your friend is my friend, and we are all friends”, we are like a big family with ups and downs. We care about our neighbors, you are walking down the street and everyone (literal) smiles and says hi (even the people you don’t know), you go to restaurants and everyone welcomes you. We are full of people who get up in the morning with a smile in their face, drink a cup of coffee, work hard all day and by night they still have that smile because we are happy, we are happy to be alive, we enjoy life.

And that, that is something that in my five years of being here in the USA and after living in 9 different states I can say: I have not even once, seen this in american people. Yes, I love people in here because most are friendly and nice, but not anything near of what Colombian people are. This nation values things that are not even that important (money, power) that forgets that the real beauty lies within its people. Obviously I know we have problems like any other country: violence and drugs, but the funny thing is: USA consumes 90% of cocaine Colombia produces. Last: No, I do not regret being here, because it made me appreciate and value what I had, and also I have known many people and places that are worth missing home.

And yes, I can spell COCAINE but you just probably intake it.

I’m stalking this chic again, I feel proud every time I read this.