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Raise your hand if you are 25+ and a bethyl fan



Okay, bethylers. So many of us say we are “old for the bethyl fandom” if we are 25+, but…that’s the thing there’s been many of us who have said that so far lol. So, I want to track it in one place! Like or reblog if you are over the age of 25! (this is nothing against you lovelies who are younger than that, just trying to get an actual statistic here!)

Also feel free to state your age if you reblog this. I’m 28 (same age as Emily woop) 


31 going to 32 on January.

So what's the deal with the turtle and love notes?



Mkay well basically in that moonshine shack or on the porch or something, I’m not sure, there was a turtle shell prop, and at some point in filming Emily mentioned that she liked it.

So Norman took it and wrote on it “Beth and Daryl” and idk he might of written “2013” too I saw someone mention that.

And then at the wrap party or after filming, I’m not sure, he gave it to Emily. And Emily kept it and now it’s in Emily’s apartment in Atlanta and basically Norman is the cutest goofball ever.

Ship it.


hello, is this mcdonalds? ah yes, i would like to make reservations for 2


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If you’re against bethyl because of the age gap, but you are into rumbelle.
You’re a fucking hypocrite.


when u miss the last step on the stairs